The TeamGear web development guarantees:

The Google specialists discovered that in more than 10 countries, including the US and Japan, the number of searches from mobile devices had exceeded the number of requests generated by desktop computers. That is, a larger number of people use mobile devices. And, of course, any user would like to see a neat and customized for their screen expansion website while using mobile devices. That's why our websites are automatically adapted for mobile devices.

We create websites based on CMS Drupal, which guarantees their work stability and all modules relevance at any time on the product life cycle. Also, CMS Drupal is quite a flexible product, so it can be used to create sites of any complexity: from personal websites to online stores.

The website design is a powerful marketing tool that helps to interest a customer. The TeamGear develops an individual style and a logo for your company, helps to make your website attractive and modern.

Stages of development:

  1. niche analysis
  2. prototype
  3. design
  4. layout
  1. programming
  2. testing
  3. content
  4. launch

We offer the following types of websites:

  • Landing Page

    The main goal of such a website is to encourage visitors to perform a certain action, whether buying, subscription, or ordering a call back. All page elements are intended to focus the attention of the visitor to the presented product / service:

    • strengths of the proposal described
    • text materials submitted
    • graphics and video materials

    The necessary action is emphasized by the blocks with the "Buy", "Subscribe" etc.

    Landing Page allows to:

    • keep visitors who’s come through the ad links
    • favorably present a product or service
    • cut off the distractions and focus the visitor on the necessary actions
  • Business card website

    A business card website represents a firm, company, product or person, so special attention is paid to the appearance and filling. An important role is played by the search engine optimization, which is laid at the design level by our specialists.

    Due to the layouts of our business card websites harmonically created you may to:

    • favorably present yourself to new customers and gently remind of yourself to the existing one
    • easily increase the percentage of visitors who become your customers
    • make your business card website a wonderful presentation of your product or idea
    • be able to get feedback directly from your website
  • Online Store

    An online store allows you to present and sell products online.

    Every page of our online stores are:

    • full description of goods
    • gallery of photos of the goods
    • ability to make a quick purchase
    • order the delivery

    In your online store, there could be a lot of directories, or even a single product. It all depends on your willingness and availability of the product.

  • Corporate website

    A corporate website is a complex system, which represents a comprehensive picture of your company, including:

    • structure of the company
    • information about employees, products, services
    • information on regional branches
    • company’s news, articles, public documents

Examples of the Developed Web-sites

Gulfstream is an Internet provider company which required updating of the current web site. Our team was engaged in the adaptive design development, imposition layout and functional development under СMS Drupal. 

The ability to send messages to the administration and requests for connection is implemented. 

The web site is adaptable to different mobile screen sizes which was one of the main customer requirements. is a website that offers franchise services. The TeamGear was engaged in front end development and theme design for the CMS Drupal. At the moment, other studio deals with the project support and development.

This website was developed for the organization, which deals with animals keeping and finding a new home for them. It consists of a database of lost and found animals, and those animals that need a veterinary care. Our team was engaged in front end development, theme design and part of the functional area development for the CMS Drupal.

Development of an interface for the service Our developers were engaged in front end development (HTML, CSS, jQuery) provided by the customer. The peculiarity of this project is that the website layout adapts to the different screen sizes.

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