Our company develops mobile applications for Android.

Mobile applications are:

Statistical researches provided by the web analytics service StatCounter show that in 2015 the number of mobile subscribers has reached 7.1 billion people, including 2.7 billion smartphone users. From 2012 to 2015, the number of tablet users has increased from 3% to 6%, while the desktop usage has decreased from 85% to 62%.

Using mobile applications, you’ll become closer to the customer – he could order a pizza, call a taxi, pay a rent, and book a table at a cafe... And all these – simply pressing a few buttons on their phone or tablet. Also, using a mobile application you will be able to communicate with your employees, sharing operational data.

You may use mobile applications here and now – to access it is not necessary to turn on the computer or use a browser. Your customer may quickly find out about new products arrival, discounts and promotions, would be able to communicate with your representatives without making phone calls. In addition, if you use an application within the company, you may control tasks and exchange the information faster and easier.

Stages of development:

  1. meeting with the customer, discussion
  2. analysis
  3. development of technical specifications
  4. creation of a prototype
  1. design
  2. development
  3. testing
  4. launch

Types of mobile applications that you may order:

  • Applications for business

    • HR management
    • project management
    • communication with customers
  • Promo applications

    • profitable and complete presentation of the new product or service
    • text and video instructions
    • feedback forms with a consultant
    • opportunity to order related products or services
  • Applications for media

    • quick access to the favorite source
    • easy news sorting and filtering
    • opportunity to comment on the news
    • integration with the social networks
  • Mobile shop

    • "at hand" if is necessary
    • inform about promotions and news
    • inform about the arrival of goods previously absent
  • Games for mobile devices

    • developing games for children
    • logic games

Примеры работы с Дополненной Реальностью

Examples of the Mobile Applications

The application was developed for the Internet provider “Gulfstream”.

The application is able to adapt to different screen sizes. The Google Messaging Service technology is used to send push-notifications.

The application was designed according to the customer requirements.

The application was developed for the Internet provider STUDNET TELECOM. The concept developed by our team became an excellent marketing solution for the Internet provider company. It’s helped to optimize their customer information system, service payment scheme and implement customers’ interaction with call-center directly from the application. This app uses application with server interaction technologies through specialized communication protocols. 

The application is adapted to different screen sizes. To save battery power and Internet traffic when receiving push-notifications, the TeamGear implemented new technology recommended by Google ‒ Google Cloud Messaging. 

The design developed for the application increases convenience of the system use. 

The application was developed for the Internet provider “Format”. Using this application, TeamGear team helped the provider to grant their clients with online access to their personal accounts. Our team implemented the ability to recharge the account, communicate with the technical support service via online chat, and inform clients through notifications. 

With this application, the Internet provider is able to offer bonus programs from partners to their customers. 

The application is able to adapt to different screen sizes. The Google Messaging Service technology is used to send push-notifications. The online help module “SiteHeart” adapted for mobile apps is integrated to support customers. The application was designed according to the customer requirements. 

The beekeeper's handbook with online-store. Developed by a private order. It contains the necessary knowledge base of skilled beekeepers. The application works with no access to the Internet, so it is very comfortable to be used in the "field" conditions. To upgrade and update the data you only need to connect to the network.

The application under the Android platform developed for the Internet Service Provider. The main goal of this tool is to help employees to organize the work with requests using mobile devices. The application integrates data from multiple systems, thereby optimizes call center operators’ and engineers’ work.

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