The TeamGear offers services for the software products integration.
Using integration, we:

Many companies’ IT architecture is developed chaotically. Dissimilar software is often used and data in applications is duplicated many times. It is much more convenient to use a single system, to combine all of the products that accelerate the work within the company. The process of combination of all the products in one, followed by the exchange of data is integration.

We offer our knowledge and experience in system integration and we are ready to work for the successful result. The TeamGear specialists ensure stable performance during the transition period while performing product integration. Our capabilities allow to clone your system, to plan the relationship and to establish a workflow

Due to the rapid growth of IT environment, any system needs to be developed. TeamGear provides the software support services to modernize and expand their functionality.

Stages of development

  1. study of the available data
  2. analysis of forthcoming works
  3. development of technical specifications
  4. optimization model
  1. hardware calculation
  2. programming
  3. testing
  4. launch

Types of integration services that we provide:

  • Combining software products

    • software synchronization
    • database synchronization
  • Mobile applications and adaptive websites development

    • subsequent integration into company’s existing software products
    • ensure support and stability of the interaction

Examples of the Integration Works

The application was developed for the Internet provider Gulfstream. The concept developed by our team became an excellent marketing solution for the Internet provider company.

The application was developed for the Internet provider STUDNET TELECOM clients. This product is a unified system integrated with the Internet provider internal service, payment systems and billing of the company. The integration helped to sufficiently accelerate the work of the company and modernize clients with call-center interaction processes.

The application was developed for the Internet provider “Format” clients. The application is a comprehensive product integrated with different systems such as:

the Internet provider billing, payment systems, the online help module “SiteHeart”, internal services.

The integration helped the Internet provider to combine all the systems therefore facilitate the work of employees within the company and increase the level of interaction with their clients.

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